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Is there a warrant out for your arrest?

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest and you are anxious and not sure what to do, contact a Concord criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C. for assistance. At the firm, the legal team understands that there are many reasons for missing a court date or otherwise causing a warrant to be issued and may be able to help mitigate the consequences of your actions. Consult with them as soon as possible to learn how they may be able to help you.

Criminal Lawyer in Concord NC

Arrest warrants are issued for various reasons, among them: probation violations, failure to appear in court and criminal offense citations. In the case of failure to appear in court, when a warrant is issued it may result in additional charges being tacked onto what the individuals is currently facing.

At the firm, the criminal defense team understands that there are many reasons for failing to appear in court, some of them including:

  • You didn't receive a letter sent to you with the court date
  • You had an emergency that prohibited you from appearing in court
  • You were out of town and couldn't make the court appearance
  • You were overwhelmed by your situation and panicked, resulting in your non-appearance

The best time to act is before you get arrested. With a former Cabarrus County assistant district attorney at the firm, they know how the prosecution works and what tactics they routinely use in criminal cases, including when someone has been arrested on a warrant. The firm's attorney can advise you as to whether other charges are likely to be added to what you have currently and in many situations, may be able to resolve the problem through negotiation before it becomes unmanageable.

If you have already been arrested, the firm may still be able to employ experience and skill to explain your actions and avoid new charges. With its experience, skill and unique perspective of law practice from both sides of the courtroom, the firm is the choice in your criminal matter if you are looking for proven results and an aggressive protection of your rights.

Please contact a Concord criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for a strong representation in your criminal case.

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