High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

Dedicated Concord Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering a divorce and are of considerable means, for instance if you own a substantial amount of land or a business, you need to be even more attentive to how your divorce proceeds. You need to have a reliable Concord high net worth divorce lawyer beside you who fully understands how to best protect your assets and hard work during your divorce.

When you are faced with a difficult divorce or family law issue, you want to know you have a skilled and compassionate attorney by your side who can offer impartial legal advice. The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C. works alongside those going through family law matters and steadfastly pushes for protecting client’s rights. Look to the firm when you are unsure how to move forward with your family law issue.

Safeguard What You Have Worked For

Most couples who are divorcing must work out an agreeable division of the marital estate. When either or both of those spouses own considerable assets, whether in property or other investments, the process of dividing the setae becomes especially delicate.

Our firm can assist with the appraisal and division of the following:

  • Vacation homes
  • Overseas and offshore accounts
  • Business assets such as family-owned business and partially owned businesses
  • Trusts and inherited funds and property
  • Stocks, investments, and retirement plans
  • Fringe benefits, imputed income, and military pensions

A Concord divorce attorney from the firm can take the important step of consulting with outside accountants, investigators, and other experts to make sure your assets are properly valuated.

The Firm Stands Behind You

The firm can fashion an agreement to fit your individual needs, and fight aggressively for your interests and to ensure you are treated fairly during the asset division process. Turn to the Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C. when you are concerned about the future of your hard work when faced with a divorce.

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