Maximum Weekly Benefit for 2014 Under Workers' Compensation

With the New Year comes a new maximum limit for the weekly lost income benefit under workers' compensation. Earlier this month, the North Carolina Industrial Commission announced the new benefit cap for the year of 2014. Starting on January 1, 2014, the most that an injured worker will be able to receive in workers' compensation benefits for lost wages will be $912 per week. This is a 3% increase from the 2013 maximum benefit of $884. The maximum benefit is adjusted on an annual basis. To see a list of all the benefit limits from 1982 through 2014, click here.

Workers' compensation benefits will vary from case to case, depending on how much income the injured worker earned before his or her injury. The weekly benefit for lost wages amounts to two-thirds of the worker's weekly wage, but only up to the maximum benefits limit, which is $912 for 2014. These benefits are provided to the injured employee until he or she is able to go back to work. In addition to lost income benefits, an injured worker who is receiving workers' compensation benefits should also be able to have his or her medical treatment fully paid for.

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