What Is The Time Limit For Filing A Workers' Comp Claim?

You have 3 Years to File a Federal Claim

For federal employees, the time limit to file a claim is 3 years from the date of the injury. Other injured workers fall under state jurisdiction, and you are required to report an injury within 30 days. Workers and employers are both protected under state and federal laws, but federal employees come under the jurisdiction of the Federal Employees Compensation Act, or FECA. Under this law, you are required to file a claim for injuries or occupational diseases.

Get Legal Help for this Complex Process

The federal government has heavy requirements for evidence to support your claim, and it is advised that you get legal help if you were injured on the job and you are a federal worker. As with many government agencies, the process is quite complex, and any error or omission can lead to a denied claim, or a long delay in getting the benefits you deserve and have a right to claim.

Issues Evident Over Time vs. Traumatic Injuries

There are certain types of conditions that come about over time, and are not immediately evident. As time passes the consequences of exposure to certain substances or toxins can lead to serious medical conditions. Even if you are not currently an employee of the federal government, but were exposed during the period in which you worked in that capacity, you have the right to file a claim.

The 3 years in these cases will begin at the point that you discovered your condition or your last exposure to the dangerous substance or when your doctor pinpointed the cause of the condition as being related to exposure during your term working for the federal government. For a traumatic injury, the 3 years begins on the date of the injury.

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