Avoid License Suspension in Concord

Points System in North Carolina

The state's motor vehicle department relies on a point system to regulate the status of a person's driving record. Moving violations are assigned a certain amount of points that can accumulate with additional citations. Following are some examples:

· 3 points – No valid liability insurance, failure to stop for a siren or at a stop sign

· 4 points – Hit & run accident with property damage, reckless driving

· 5 points – Failure to stop for a school bus when picking up or dropping off children, aggressive driving

· 12 points – DWI

Once a driver accumulates 12 points or more within a period of 3 years, license suspension will begin. The first time suspension is for 60 days. Further accumulation of points can mean license suspensions for 6 to 12 months. A driver who continues to drive with a suspended license could easily have a sentence imposed by the court that includes time in jail.

Take Steps to Save Your Driving Record

A driver can take measures to reduce the amount of accrued points. If you believe that you were issued a traffic citation unfairly, you can contest it in court. If you are accused of DUI/DWI, you have defense options that should be evaluated immediately. You should have a defense attorney who understands the criminal justice system represent you and to protect your rights. Before paying your ticket, discuss your case with your lawyer.

A conviction for a traffic violation can affect your driving privileges, insurance rates, and more depending on the type of infraction. You should take every possible action to protect your driving record.

The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradtcan advise you of your available legal options to reduce your points and save your license. Call today for further information.

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