What Benefits Do I Get?

What Benefits Do I Get?

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If you file for workers' comp, you may be able to achieve the five basic benefits. These benefits are each designed to meet a need that is commonly faced by those injured at the workplace. If you believe that the benefits you are receiving are not satisfactory and do not cover your expenses, you will want to talk with a Concord workers' compensation attorney about seeking a higher payout from your employer.

The Five Benefits

The five different types of damages that you can receive are:

Medical Care
Medical care damages are paid for by your employer to help you recover from an injury or illness caused by work. Depending on your condition, you may receive thousands of dollars in compensation for medical care. Oftentimes, workers' compensation must also cover any future medical care or ongoing medical care that is a result of your injuries. For example, if you suffer mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, workers' compensation should cover your lengthy hospitalization and treatment.

Temporary Disability Benefits
If you lose wages because your injury prevents you from doing your usual job, workers' compensation should cover that. For example, if you are unable to show up for work at a construction site because you are recovering from a severe femur fracture that occurred at the site earlier that week, you can receive disability benefits to cover that cost of wages. This way, you won't need to suffer financial loss for an accident that would have been avoided if you weren't at your job.

Death Benefits
While sobering to think about, it is comforting to know that should you pass away from an injury or illness that occurred on-the-job, your spouse and children can live off of the death benefits that are paid from workers' compensation. Spouses and all dependents of a particular worker can seek these benefits to provide a steady income in the wake of a terrible loss.

Permanent Disability Benefits
If you don't recover completely from your injury, you may be able to achieve permanent disability benefits from workers' compensation. For example, if you fall off of a ladder while at work and are paralyzed from the waist down, you could seek permanent disability. Also, individuals who suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other permanently debilitating conditions can request these consistent payments.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
Benefits of this nature are only given to individuals who were injured in 2004 or later. They are vouchers to help pay for retraining or skill enhancement if you don't recover completely and aren't able to return to work with your former employer. For example, a person who suffers back injuries at an active job may need training to acquire a desk job in the future that requires less mobility.

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