Workers' Compensation Denial Appeals

Workers' Compensation Denial Appeals

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Even if you filed what you thought was a valid claim for benefits from workers' compensation, your claim can still be denied. Although few limitations exist to prohibit an injured worker from receiving insurance benefits, some restrictions can prevent him or her from being approved. In some cases, the claim is denied by mistake and in other situations, your employer or the insurer has provided a valid reason for denial.

Whether you waited too long to file the paperwork or poor documentation from your employer led to the denial, you can pursue an appeal with the help of a dedicated Concord workers’ compensation attorney from The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C.

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Process of Appealing a Denial

If you have been denied benefits, you will receive a letter stating how you can appeal the denial. You should carefully read the letter to ensure that no information is missed. Speak with the party that denied the claim, either your employer or the workers' compensation insurance carrier, for clarity and further information about the denial. After the mistake has been cleared up, your claim can be accepted. If this is not the case, you may want to proceed with the appeal process.

The appeal process includes a hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You can benefit greatly from having the representation of a knowledgeable Concord workers' compensation appeals lawyer during this hearing. A judge will preside over the proceeding, and the firm's attorneys can prepare you for testimony to assert your rights to compensation.

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After the hearing, both parties have 60 days to take depositions from the people who provided treatment and any witnesses from the work location. An additional 30 days are provided to submit a written proposed opinion and award. After listening to both parties' proposed resolutions, the deputy commissioner will issue a ruling. If you receive an adverse ruling, you can appeal the decision to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

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