Stress-Related Illness

Stress-Related Illness

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Are you suffering stress-related illness due to a high-stress job, or a work-related injury? At The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C., you benefit from working with a Concord workers' compensation lawyer who is a former insurance defense attorney. Due to the fact that stress-related claims are more complex than standard injury claims, you will benefit dramatically by working with a knowledgeable attorney who knows and understands how both sides address such claims.

As the modern workplace has become more stressful, in recent years job-related stress claims have become increasingly common nationwide. The American Psychological Association predicts that stress-related injuries will be the most pervasive occupational disease of the 21st century. Further, mental disorders already rank among the top ten work-related injuries and illnesses in the nation.

Mental disability claims can be split into three categories:

  1. Where a physical injury precipitates a mental disability.
  2. Where stress causes a physical injury such as a heart attack or stroke.
  3. Where mental stimuli causes purely mental injuries.

Will my stress-related illness be covered?

Stress-related illnesses that are a gradual or direct result work conditions; for example, stress-related heart conditions, anxiety, stress-related digestive problems, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are being increasingly recognized by the courts and covered by workers' compensation insurance. The modern medical profession has come to acknowledge the interworking of the mind and body. To illustrate, the American Institute for Preventative Medicine says that stress is at the root of nearly two-thirds of office visits and plays a major role in heart disease and cancer.

Stress related illness can result from a sudden, one-time event such as when a homicide detective responds to a devastating murder scene; workers who witness traumatic events may be diagnosed with PTSD, which can be covered by workers' compensation.

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The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C. is fully aware that stress-related illness can be life-altering, if not debilitating. If you are suffering a stress-related illness after an injury, or because of witnessing a traumatic event, you are urged to contact the firm to discuss your case with a Concord workers' compensation attorney.

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