Grandparent's Rights

Grandparent’s Rights

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It may be possible for a grandparent to be granted custody or visitation rights over a child in some situations especially during a divorce or if the court feels the parents cannot create a stable environment for the child. If you are a concerned for the welfare of yore grandchild, reach out to a Concord family law attorney to learn about your rights.

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How can I gain custody or visitation for my grandchild?

To obtain custody or visitation over your grandchild, you will need to show the court the child’s parents are unfit or act in a way contrary to the best interest of the child.

It will need to be demonstrated that:

  • The parents are mentally unsound to care for the child
  • The parents lack sufficient finances to care for the child
  • Both parents abuse drugs
  • The parents are neglectful
  • One or both parents are abusive
  • There is already an ongoing custody dispute involving other nonparent family members

The law is such that grandparents do not automatically have legal rights to see their grandchildren. Parents reserve the right to prohibit you from seeing your grandchildren. The burden lies with you to prove the parent is unfit or has acted contrary to their rights as a parent.

Retain Skilled Legal Advocacy

The Concord family lawyers from the firm can act on your behalf to work out an out of court settlement to grand you access to your grandchildren or even argue the parents are unfit and need to be transferred to your custody.

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