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DMV Hearings in Concord

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To decide what restrictions, if any, should be handed down to drivers who have been arrested for drunk driving or other serious traffic violations, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) holds hearings before an administrative law judge. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, there is a very small window of time in which you are eligible to request a DMV hearing.

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Who Is Eligible for a DMV Hearing?

DMV hearings are scheduled for people who have been accused of or convicted of traffic violations, DWI charges, refusing breath and blood tests and/or other issues, and who request a hearing to protect their driving privileges. While the DMV has the authority to revoke your driver's license, they also have the power to grant hearings to challenge the revocation and perhaps allow you to keep your driving privileges.

The results of a DMV hearing can be serious. For representation from a law firm that will work effectively and efficiently to get your driving privileges re-instated within the mandated time frames, the firm urges you to contact them. With extensive trial experience gained through prosecuting DWI cases, the firm's criminal defense is in an enviable position. They will be able to analyze every aspect of your case from the perspective of the prosecution and explain to the DMV your particular circumstances in a way that few other law firms can. If retained as your legal counsel, they are more than ready to put their experience to work to get you through this traumatic time and help you keep your ability to drive.

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