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Under North Carolina law, § 15A-1345, you are subject to arrest if you have violated your probation. A preliminary hearing on a probation violation may be held unless the probationer waives the hearing. The probationer has the right to have legal representation at the hearing.

If an individual has been accused of violating probation terms, it is very important that that person communicate with legal counsel prior to contacting his or her probation officer. In these situations a probation officer may not believe reasons given for the violation and may just immediately have the person arrested and put in jail. Judges and probations officers can have a tough stance concerning probation violations, and it is therefore imperative that one facing such violations appear in court with an experienced criminal defense representative to present the court with evidence that counterbalances claims made by the prosecutor or probation officer.

In cases where the violation may have been unintentional, it is essential that the court understand the true intentions of the accused, and what the accused in prepared to do in order to avoid such violations from occurring again in the future. In the case of intentional violations, a strong legal representative can potentially keep the accused out of jail through communication with the court. If you or a loved one is facing accusations of probation violation, you are urged to contact a Concord criminal defense lawyer at once to get the immediate legal help you will need to defend your case.

Effective Solutions For Those Accused of Probation Violations

At The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C., you can take confidence in being represented by a firm with extensive experience helping clients faced with probation violations to avoid jail and get their probations back on track. Even if you are unsure as to whether you violated your probation or not, it is important that you be fully apprised of the situation and of the options available to you. Through thoroughness of investigation and knowledgeable assessment of the factors in your case, the firm can help you to put together the best plan for your individual circumstances.

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