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Understanding Bench Warrants

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Bench warrants can carry serious consequences despite their reserved usage. If a bench warrant has been issued against you, it essentially means you are in contempt of the court and will be held accountable for your actions if you don't respond appropriately. The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C. was founded by a Concord criminal defense attorney who consistently utilizes the most effective strategies for the benefit of his clients. They are prepared to advocate on your behalf in the face of a serious bench warrant.

Why are bench warrants issued?

Whereas arrest warrants are issued when criminal activity is suspected, bench warrants are issued when a specific type of criminal activity has already occurred. A bench warrant gives law enforcement the right to arrest you on the spot and bring you into court.

There are several common reasons a bench warrant may be issued:

  • Failing to pay a fine
  • Failing to do community service
  • Failing to appear in court
  • Failing to sign up for court-mandated classes
  • Failing to obey any court order

If you disregard anything the court requires you to do, there is a good chance you'll have a bench warrant issued against you. Penalties may include enhanced fines, imprisonment, driver's license suspension, and even enhanced probation. While the firm understands that you may have had a legitimate reason for failing to comply with your court order, most judges are unlikely to listen to excuses and will penalize you unless presented with a strong defense.

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